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About Us

Pressure Sewer Services Australia established itself as a company specialising in pressure sewer systems in early 2001. To date PSSAustralia has installed over 2500 pressure sewer pump stations in various locations around Australia including Lawrence NSW. Bridgewater East, South Australia. Karumba Queensland and Seaspray Victoria. PSSAustralia has also conducted over 7500 Pressure Sewer property design plans including Electrical and Plumbing Audits in Various locations around Australia and the Pacific including Templestowe Victoria. Cobargo NSW. Victor Harbour South Australia, Caboolture Queensland and Western Samoa just to mention a few.

PSSAustralia is a certified company under ISO 9001:2008, and QSE Code for ISO14001-2004, ISO4801-2001 in the field of Pressure Sewer. Also a member of the Civil Contractors Federation. PSSAustralia staff consists of qualified Pressure Sewer Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians, Drafting department and Hydraulic Engineers.

PSSAustralia is committed to delivering all facets of Pressure Sewer Systems in a professional and experienced manner regardless of how large or how small your project maybe.

Why Should You Use Pressure Sewer Services Australia?

To date PSSAustralia has installed 2500 pressure sewer units to various sites throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia. PSSAustralia has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and installation of pressure sewer systems having installed various sizes and models to a vast range of different sites including environmentally sensitive areas, high water charged landscapes and difficult terrains.

PSSAustralia’s experience places the company above other competitors as having a far greater understanding of pressure sewer systems. PSSAustralia is able to draw upon previous experience to better manage projects to provide greater outcomes for their clients and end users of the system. The property owner.

PSSAustralia has a strong customer focus and believes the liaison between the property owners, clients and contractor is an integral part to a successful pressure sewer project.

PSSAustralia is committed to managing an OHS environment, cultural and heritage issues through the construction process, ensuring a safe work environment not only for the workers but the community and other invested parties.

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