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Cobargo, New South Wales

Location: Cobargo, New South Wales

Client: Bega Valley Shire Council


Scope: Design & Construction of 216 Pressure Sewer Pump Units to serve both residential and commercial buildings which currently have on site septic systems.


Cobargo known as �The Working Village� is a small country town surrounded by undulating hills and farming pastures. It is located some 50 kilometres north of Bega. The project involved designing and constructing a Pressure Sewer System to effectively replace the on site septic disposal systems that the existing properties were using. Due to the decomposed granite base, septic effluent run off was infiltrating the Narira Creek which connects into the Wallaga Lake System.

This township was the first of 5 towns that Bega Shire installed Pressure Sewer too. The Pressure Sewer System transferred the waste water to a purpose built MBR Treatment Plant. From there the treated effluent is used to irrigate the Show Grounds Reserve.