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Gembrook, Victoria

Location: Gembrook, Victoria

Client: Yarra Valley Water Limited


Scope: Design & Construction of 86 Pressure Sewer Pump Units to serve both Residential and Commercial Properties.


Gembrook is situated in the Dandenong Rangesï and is home to Puffing Billyï a historical railway. The project involved the design and construction of the Aquatec Barnes Pressure Sewer Pump Units to the properties located within the project area including the connection and upgrading of the existing householder drains to the Pressure Sewer System.

Other significant innovations that were introduced to this project was the integration of an existing Septec System to the Pressure Sewer System i.e. the existing Septic Treatment Plant which provides treated water for the garden is diverted to the Pressure Sewer System during periods when the local soils are saturated from rain water. This prevents the possibility of treated effluent water from running off the site.