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Karumba, Queensland.

Location: Karumba, Queensland.

Client: Carpentaria Shire Council

Date: April 2010 to April 2011

Scope: The design and construction of a Pressure Sewer Reticulation & Collection System to serve 280 properties on the outskirts of the town.


Karumba is located 770kms west of Cairns, and is position at the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The current township is predominantly served by onsite septic absorption systems. There were two areas within the town boundary that were connected to the new system 1) Main township, 2) Point township.

The combined reticulation of around 12.5klms was installed using directional boring technologies and open cut excavation and the design and construction of a MBR treatment facility to irrigate the local golf course.

The 2010iP Pressure Sewer Pump Unit (PSU) was used. Most installations required the use of augured excavation.

There were four motels, two hotels, two caravan parks, one school and a light industrial area that were serviced in this project and these installations required larger storage tanks and a two pump configuration which included a duty/standby arrangeme