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Wallaga Lake, South Coast New South Wales

Location: Wallaga Lake, South Coast New South Wales

Client: Bega Valley Shire Council

Date: August 2006 to November 2006

Scope: Design for the installation of the Pressure Sewer Equipment to 400 individual residential properties and the set out of the reticulation piping & equipment locations.


The area known as Wallaga Lake consists of three villages, Wallaga Lake Heights, Beauty Point and Fairhaven. The area is predominantly a holiday destination where only 25% of the existing properties are occupied on a permanent basis. As a majority of the property owners reside in both Melbourne and Sydney it was difficult to arrange the property owners to attend their properties to discuss the Pressure Sewer equipment locations. Therefore an extensive correspondence program was initiated to allow input between the property owners and the designers. Plans and documents were faxed, emailed, sent by post and personally delivered to property owners for review, comment and final approval. Even though this approvals process was slow and often frustrating it allowed the construction crews free access and certainty of the property owner�s requests.