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Warneet & Cannons Creek, Victoria

Warneet & Cannons Creek, Victoria

Location: Warneet & Cannons Creek, Victoria

Client: South East Water Limited


Scope: Design & Construction of the Pressure Sewer Pumping Equipment to 440 properties within the two villages.


Warneet and Cannons Creek are located some 50 kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne in the South Eastern Region. Warneet & Cannons Creek are small fishing villages that are apart of Western Port Bay, both villages are separated by a small tidal creek. The project involved the design and construction of Pressure Sewer Pump Stations to serve private properties, Boating & Yacht Clubs and the Local General Stores. The works also included the connection and upgrading of the internal plumbing drains connecting to the Pressure Sewer System, decommissioning of the existing Septic Systems and commissioning of the Pressure Sewer Equipment.