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PSSAustralia is the most experienced company in Australia for the installation of pressure sewer systems. To date PSSAustralia has installed over 2500 units in many different terrains such as: beach side communities with water charged ground, rocky mountainous terrains, areas of environmental & cultural significance, large regional country towns and metropolitan suburbs. With this comprehensive knowledge and experience PSSAustralia has the leading edge with this technology and is more than capable of handling any size project.

From the vast experience gathered from varied installation scenarios, PSSAustralia has developed procedures that help streamline construction and iron out any issues which may arise well in advance of their development. With this in mind PSSAustralia deliver projects on time and to our client’s expectations.

PSSAustralia prides itself on employing skilled staff such as licensed plumbers and drainers, certified electrical consultants, licensed electricians, certified hydraulic engineers and experienced personnel. PSSAustralia also looks into the future with training the youth of today for the construction of tomorrow and with the support of in house apprentices and group training apprentices, PSSAustralia are committed to creating a professional industry for years to come.